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Special Education
for children with disabilities

In January 2014, Extra Cover started 2 ‘Special Education’ units for children with disabilities, the video below was kindly made by Rob Powell of BBC south today when he visited in October and shows how well they are now working. 24 children now have the chance to attend school, many for the first time.


Test Match Special Radio Interview



2nd BBC South Today item on Lakshman

BBC South Today item on Lakshman’s tin leg

England cricket team Extra Cover Video

The English cricket team, recently in Sri Lanka, interrupted their warm-up for the test match against Sri Lanka in Galle to spend an hour with some of the country’s poorest children in an event arranged “Extra Cover”. The team, led by ‘Headmaster Swann’ took a geography lesson, asked some cricketing questions and then signed autographs etc with the children.

Matthew and Robert would like to thank the ECB for allowing this fantastic event, and would also like to show huge gratitude to all the England players and management who showed such humility and provided a truly wonderful experience for the children


Courtney (aged 13 ) Youtube Video,


2014 Extra Cover Sri Lanka Trip 1

Huge thanks to Fr. Robert, Newton Perera, and all others who have made this an unbelievable trip.
Extra Cover:
Newton’s Website:



from Timothy Xu

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Paradise – Coldplay
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Lakshman dancing!!

This time last year, Extra Cover raised money to help Lakshman and his family. By February they had a new house and a new prosthetic leg thanks to so many people’s generosity.

In October Matthew and Jill visited Lakshman in his new house and had made a short piece created with the help of Rob Powell . I can’t describe what a great day it was, but this video tells the story:


Greetings from the UK

Every July, 46 Lower Sixth pupils from Brighton College visit and teach in many of our schools. It is a moving experience for one and all as this video, compiled by Sidony Bryant, attests.

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