All the links below are to organisations who are wonderfully charitable in their outlook and have actively helped Extra Cover, it would be great if you would spend a few moments glancing at their websites

Coffee Etc have kindly sponsored Sunil Ratnayake and his family. They have supplied the funds for Extra Cover to provide him with a new business. In May 2011 one thousand Tea plants were planted delivered for Sunil to plant, and then every month fertiliser is provided for him. By 2013 he should happily be in the tea business! Thanks Coffee Etc, you help is really appreciated

If you want people to listen,tell an interesting story

Carl, from Fireplough creative design, has spent countless hours designing this fantastic website, our logo, flyers, posters and much more. He has been incredibly generous with his time. Thanks Carl, you are a star.

Hansfords menswear specialists in mens clothing since 1908

Hansfords has always played a central part in Extra Cover, Matthew Hansford is a trustee of the charity and their customers have donated many thousands of pounds

RWP has given us a great deal of help with the marketing of Extra Cover, their advise is invaluable.

England's independent school of the year 2011-12

Extra Cover has its roots at Brighton College, and the chaplain there, Father Robert Easton, is another Trustee of the charity. The school have always supported Extra Cover really well, it is really appreciated.

Who's mission is to provide affordable, sustainable and reliable light, anytime, that enables people to break free from the economic, health and environmental hazards of kerosene lamps.