Set in idyllic surroundings (water buffalo nonchalantly chew the cud in the paddy fields to one side while to the other playful monkeys shake the treetops) the hillside school of Bemboda currently has 25 pupils, from Grades 1-5. There is a wonderful, “family” feel about the place: under the watchful eye of their principal Mr Upali, the teachers care for all aspects of the welfare of their charges, educational and beyond.
When we first came across this lovely little school, their two most pressing problems were food and water, and Extra Cover saw to the provision of food packs for the children, and also paid for an electrical connection to the school’s well, pumping up fresh water into the main buildings. We have provided whiteboards and painted much of the furniture), covered the cost of repairing playground equipment, and most recently have paid for a fence to be installed around the front and side of the buildings. This is to prevent wild animals – not least wild boar – entering the classrooms and making an awful mess.
Bemboda warms the heart of anyone who visits. Far from the big cities, the school exudes amagnificent “joi de vivre” and communal spirit.

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