Every school day about 400 children receive a meal from Extra Cover. The total cost of this is a mere £40.

At all 8 of the schools that Extra Cover support a good proportion of the children have far less nourishing food than they need, all the children come from very poor families many who struggle to put even one meal a day in front of them . In the past we have witnessed children fainting in morning assembly, simply because they have had too little food. We decided this was intolerable and now help supply a small meal to every child, every school day of the year. The energy levels and ability to concentrate has certainly improved recently as we witness both studious classes and then energetic and often noisy break times when children are seen having a great time.

How you can help feed 400 children for £40

It is incredible that £40, not far off the price of one meal we often pay when going out, will feed 400 children! We are hoping to get you to sponsor a day or 2. As of February 1st we have already had 100 people sign up, often taking a date as a gift to friends and family. We hope that we will fill every day of the year to support these wonderful children.

Please contact matthew@extracover.org.uk if you would like to sponsor a day or would like more information. You can either send a cheque to the address on the contacts page (please fill in the gift aid page that can be printed from our Home page) or hit the ‘Donate Now’ button below.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

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