Weihena School

Over the past twelve months, our relationship with the small state-sponsored SEN unit in the village of Weihena has deepened significantly. Originally crammed into a tiny (and bizarrely, glass-windowed) room, the children now have a lean-to extension, with wooden flooring and space for tables and chairs, as well as a place to play when it rains. Next to the extension is a refurbished toilet that meets the needs of these special, special children.

On their visit in February, Matthew and Robert brought a collection of toys, one of which caused much surprise and delight. What looked (and felt) like a rather heavy, cute-looking parrot, turned out to be a battery-powered “speaking” parrot, repeating the last words spoken to it. Imagine their surprise when Weihena pupils said “Ayubowan” or their name to the parrot, and heard the parrot – in their voice – greet them back. This will no doubt prove a terrific learning tool for the children over the years, and help in speech therapy.

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