Mapalagama SEN

News of the extraordinary success of the Navungala and Panangala Special Education Needs Units has travelled fast, and Mr Ajit, the principal of Mapalagama School has been encouraging Extra Cover to resource a similar operation on his premises … and we have agreed to give it our best shot.

Mapalagama 1

The corner room of one of the long buildings at the school has been set aside for the SEN, and Extra Cover has paid for the place to be cleaned, tidied up and prepared for up to ten children with learning difficulties. A couple already come to the unit, even though its resources are currently very limited.

Mapalagama 2

It all boils down to transport: we have agreed to cover the cost of the children getting to and from school, and if this proves to be as popular as our other two outfits, it is quite possible that we will have a fourth Extra Cover tuk tuk in operation in the not too distant future.

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