Of all the schools with whom we work, Kottegoda (situated about 30 minutes’ drive east of Matara) has undergone the greatest transformation since 2005. From sharing one large room, pupils now study in separate classrooms in a building atop the steep hillside that makes up the school’s grounds. It is here that the 28 children (13 in grade 1, hinting at rapid expansion) spend most of their time, and in the past month Extra Cover has agreed to fund the creation of a playground at the top of the school. Parent volunteers are clearing the scrubland, and we hope to have the play area in use by July.
Kottegaoda is a friendly, charming school and, since the educational re-zoning at the beginning of the year, has shown itself to be forward-looking and ambitious. We are committed to helping the principal Mr Sampath in preparing children for examinations and have recently bought scholarship papers for the Grade 5 class, to help them in their revision. Over the years we have helped the school with similar educational resources, as well as furniture, shoes and a new toilet. The children receive dry ration packs.

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