Will you sponsor Dilshan?

This is Dilshan, having fun with toy trucks at Mahalapitiya Pre School. On the face of it, he looks like any other two or three year-old. Except he’s four.

His mum and doctors say his physical development has been stunted by his body’s inability to absorb fat, and state that he desperately needs two pots, or 800 grams, a month, of a special milk formula called Pregestimil. Pregestimil isn’t cheap – each 400 gram tub costs £13.50.

Extra Cover is therefore on the search for someone to sponsor young Dilshan, to the tune of £30 a month, covering his essential medical needs, and transportation costs to and from hospital. We will happily send regular pictures of him over the months and years, showing his progress.
Might you be that someone?

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