Extra Cover tea

The Hill Way Tea Factory, close to Pathawelivitiya and its Extra Cover tea plantations, has been closed for renovation, but will open in a few weeks’ time. We had an interesting chat with the manager who is more than happy to work with us in making our own “brand” of tea. Newton is looking into packaging and how one applies for an export licence, but all looks set fair for Extra Cover tea (“E C Tea” perhaps?) being a stocking stuffer this Christmas here in the UK.

We had a look at the piece of land on which a new parent at Pathawelivitiya School wants to grow tea, and it looks ideal … although there is some hefty clearing to be done.

Sunil, one of a our “star” tea growers, showed us some already cleared land on which he would like to plant saplings, and we were delighted to encourage him in his endeavours. Nearly all the small-holdings on which Extra Cover tea is being grown are now showing true potential – several containing row upon row of knee / hip-height bushes. The programme, in short, is coming to fruition and the folks in Pathawelivitiya are literally reaping the rewards of their hard labours.

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