Situated only a few miles from the town of Weligama, there is a more sophisticated, “urban” feel to the Polwattha School than others with whom we work. The pupils are certainly more used to seeing foreigners in their midst, and there is greater emphasis on sport here than at some of the more remote schools.
In the early days after the tsunami, Extra Cover helped with the supply of vitamins, stationery, shoes and socks, and later on it sponsored an educational tour for the more senior pupils, enabling them to see some of their country’s cultural heritage sites.
The recent educational re-zoning has altered the composition of the pupil body somewhat; there are now 49 children on the school roll, with 22 in Grade 1, and one clear emphasis of the principal Mrs Kanthi and her dedicated teachers is the encouragement of all the pupils to have an excellent grasp of the English language.
Some of the children receive packs of dry rations; all have recently received new shoes. This year Extra Cover has agreed to cover the costs of repair to the school’s much-used and much-enjoyed playground equipment.

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