Crazy Walk Across Sweden

Only 2 weeks to go till we set off for Sweden for our charity walk. We have already walked our socks off training, including 50 miles over the Easter weekend that made us realize what a challenge it will be!!

If you have kindly read my last e-mail sent out a few weeks ago (copied below) and have thought about donating, please could you do so now. It would mean so much to Jill, Trevor, Sally, Jeremy and I to know that every step we make is helping some very needy children in Sri Lanka. We need all the motivation we can get!

We have so much we can achieve if the funds allow, things are busier than ever for Extra Cover, and that’s why we come up with some crazy ideas, and this walk is an extreme one! If you have a moment today, please give us hand making this adventure truly worthwhile.
The link to the fundraising page is below.

Thank you so much to all our friends who have already been so generous (Over £6000 raised so far)


Matthew, Jill and the team!

We will be posting regularly on our Facebook page, please visit there if you are interested in following our progress.


Have I lost my senses? 


I am not sure what you are doing in May this year but I hope you’ll be relaxing and enjoying yourself. If you do get the odd free moment then think of us. Jill and I with 8 others have decided to try and walk across Sweden! This is a 100 mile slog that should take at least a week but we are going to do it in 4 days!! That means I am not stopping at any decent pubs, I am not resting at any comfortable inns and will not get time to rest my weary limbs or check my blisters before the following day. You may now be thinking that I have lost my senses and you have every right to be thinking this. Why would I give up my holiday plus all the weekends between now and then trying to get some training in so that I can complete this task?

……..I haven’t lost my senses – the reason I am doing this is simple. I know that I can help some amazing children who are desperately in need, and I can do this through Extra Cover. It is incredible that for only 15p I can feed a child for a day. That is a fact – and Extra Cover do that for over 1000 children every school day. Children with disabilities in Sri Lanka rarely get a chance to go to school or learn a trade. That is a fact – so Extra Cover set up schools to help them have an education like everyone else.

You may well think it is a hardship to walk 100 miles in four days but these Sri Lankan children have endured more physical hardships in their young lives than most of us ever will. Because of people like you Extra Cover now helps over 1000 children at 28 poor rural schools every day by providing extra food, clean water, educational equipment, shoes, games and much more. They run 4 small pre-schools, 3 Special Education Units and a Vocational Training Centre for disabled children, have built houses for those in desperate need and given loans to unemployed parents to start their own businesses growing tea to give them a much needed income.

Extra Cover know just how far 15p can go. Jill, Robert, Newton and I have organised and overseen the charity for 12 years now. We have seen how Extra Cover has changed children’s lives. Any money you donate will go straight to these children, especially as administration costs are kept to a real minimum (less than 5% of donations are used for expenses). Please help support us on this walk and help raise funds for Extra Cover. £10 buys textbooks for a whole class, £20 pays for a day’s breakfast for a small school, £40 feeds a child at school for a year, £350 covers the cost of building a new toilet, £500 pays for a well, and with £5000 Extra Cover can support 25 young disabled adults for a year in a Vocational Training Centre, all in all offering a wonderful life at school to some of the world’s most deserving children.

Please support us all in our blister-inducing venture and give generously today, your money goes a long, long way and will make a real difference!

To donate please:
· Go to for options including donating by card or PayPal.

Contact me by e-mail on this site for other options

Come and join us:
There will be a link on our website (in early May) showing the route we will take by GPS, and hopefully a blog if I can work it out!

I will be thrilled if you could help.



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