Washroom for Wasana

On Matthew and Jill’s latest visit to Sri Lanka, they had the pleasure of meeting a little 9 year old girl, Wasana, and her family.

Wasana was born with no legs, and has spent her life getting around on her hands, by swinging her body too and fro. Has this held her back? Not at all, she is thriving at school, apparently a bright girl who lights up any classroom.


Her father takes her to school every day, she sits on his bike’s handlebars, and he stays with her so he can tend to her toiletry needs, she has to be so careful when her body is so close to the ground. This has left the family struggling as he cannot get work. So they have asked Extra Cover to supply a wheelchair for her at school and an adapted washroom and toilet for her exclusive use. For Wasana to grow and become independent, as any girl would want to, this project is absolutely vital for her, so Extra Cover will be raising funds to make her dream become a reality.


We have visited their house and have planned where we can build her washroom, an occupational therapist has recommended what is needed and we hope to have her assessed for a wheelchair and have the washroom built by our next trip in February.

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