The University house

Matthew, Jill and Robert have had the privilege of meeting some of the most aspirational people in Sri Lanka – men, women and children dreaming big dreams – but none more so than the Sandaya family of Nawala village. The family live in a shack (immaculately kept, of course) with the floor space no bigger than two ping-pong tables. Despite the cramped conditions and the regular hazard of flooding, let alone grinding poverty, the two children of the family have studied so hard that they have both been offered places at university. Except they can’t afford to go … the money needed for accommodation and basic food are way beyond their reach.

Extra Cover has stepped in to pay for their transport, housing and food … and has also been able to begin work on building the family a proper home. As well as dreaming big dreams for their children, Mr and Mrs Sandaya dreamed of building a house on their small plot of land, and even managed to lay the foundations. But then the money ran out.

Thanks to a shockingly generous donation, the “University House” as it is known is starting to take shape. Everyone in the village is wishing the family well, as they see the children get the education, and the mum and dad the housing, they richly deserve.

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