Brighton College – July 2016

Brighton College’s annual visit to Sri Lanka gets bigger and better.
This past July a total of 46 pupils and six staff taught in some twenty different schools. The pattern of a regular day is as follows:

7.30am – the vans leave the hotel, in time for BC pupils to attend, and sometimes sing the National Anthem at the school assembly
9-10.30am – Sri Lankan children are taught a variety of subjects, including mathematics, art and design, English, drama, sport, physics, astronomy, geography and history … all using the English language

10.30-11am – Break for cake and milk rice and sambol … and tea
11-12.30 – the school is dividied “vertically” with four groups containg pupils from every grade. They are taught an English song, with actions, which they then perform in a “Dri Lank’s Got Talent” competition

12.30-1.30 – play, lots and lots of play

Every evening the College pupils reflect on the highlights of their day and prepare for lessons the following day. The one complete weekend in the trip is filled with sightseeing in Galle and going on a river safari and visiting a turtle hatchery.

Pupils return to England wiser and often transformed by the experience of working with poor, disadvantaged children, deeply rewarded by doing true charity work. Roll on 2017!

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