Hashan’s new wheelchair

Last year Matthew and Robert met Hashan and Heyshan, 2 brothers with Cerebral Palsy who had just started at Extra Cover’s new Disability schools. Both were in real need of a wheelchair to help both them and their parents have a productive day. We visited in November 2014, and what a difference!

hashan 1

With the help of Motivation, a specialist wheelchair provider, the twins were measured up and a few weeks later they delivered 2 purpose built wheelchairs that would fit and support them perfectly. Extra Cover have also been helping them by providing extra food every month, mattresses, electric fans (heyshan’s arms are not strong enough for him to swat away flies!) and other things to make their lives a little better. Both boys have very different needs, and Heyshan is struggling to get to school regularly as his body is just not strong enough. Extra Cover are looking to get an occupational therapist to visit him soon and help his parents understand how they can best help him, we will continue to help as much as we can.

hasan 2

Hashan though absolutely loves school, he can’t wait to get there and is such a happy soul! We are so pleased to be able to help him learn and enjoy life!

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