The Nawala to Bemboda Hike

In February 2012, Matthew and Robert suggested that they might walk from Nawala to Bemboda schools to see such an event involving dozens of children could be integrated into the Brighton College trip in July. There was considerable sucking of teeth and shaking of heads in bemusement, but eventually some five Nawala staff (including the principal) and one rather non-plussed pupil set off towards Bemboda.
What some had feared would be a gruelling trek turned out to be a pleasant two-hour stroll through gently undulating backroads. A tea factory, we noted, would make an excellent half-way stop for the footsore, and the chance for pupils to have an outdoor geography and natural history lesson was obvious every time we saw a beautifully-plumaged bird or impressive-looking tree we could not name. The walk was huge fun, leech-free and good for the heart and soul.

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