Gravity Light

How can poor inhabitants of the remote Sri Lankan jungle afford to light their homes after dark? Up until now, the only answer has been kerosene lamps – dangerous and quite expensive.

Robert holds a sample of a simple kerosene bottle lamp

Martin Riddiford, a member of the London design company “Therefore”, recently mentioned to Matthew that his company were in the process of developing a “Gravity Light”, a simple creation that uses sack of sand to gradually pull a piece of rope through a dynamo mechanism, generating electricity to power an LED light. Mr Riddiford was due to come to Sri Lanka the following week, and with his imminent arrival and his exciting invention in mind, we visited a number of wattle and daub houses in Nawala village and asked the homeowners what they thought of a sustainable replacement for kerosene. They were all very much in favour, and we now wait to learn of his findings

Official Gravity Light Video

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