Greetings from the UK

Every July, 46 Lower Sixth pupils from Brighton College visit and teach in many of our schools. It is a moving experience for one and all as this video, compiled by Sidony Bryant, attests.

The following is a summary of her thoughts about her two-week trip.

“Words can only begin to describe our experience in Sri Lanka. Engulfed by the oppressive heat of the country, each day we strove to make a palpable difference to the lives of the people of Sri Lanka – yet somewhere between the buildings we painted, the endless games of ‘Duck Duck Goose’ and the piggybacks we gave, it became evident that the children were in fact making an even greater impact on us. The unshakeable positivity and exceptional generosity of those we had the privilege to meet was truly inspiring; whether it was through the fresh fruit they provided us with each day at lunch or their attempts to return the toys and gifts we had just given them, their intense gratitude and collective desire to share what little materialistic wealth they had was incredibly humbling. It was an honour to have witnessed and been a part of all the support that Father Robert, Newton and Extra Cover provide to these children, and the opportunity to bring joy and happiness to their lives – even just for a few hours – deeply affected us all. Our involvement with the charity allowed us to form personal connections with the children, and the emotions we experienced – from the pure satisfaction of teaching a child a new number, or the warm contentment of establishing an unspoken friendship – were truly like no other. The trip was truly unforgettable, and the boundless energy, blissful innocence and endless happiness of the children will remain with us forever.”

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